How much does it cost to create your own patterns?

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Making a paper pattern by yourself is what each of us dreams of from the beginning; the ideas, the passion and the will to do it, spark in you and push you to start.


But where do we start?

And how much does it cost?

Read until the end to know how much it will costs to make your own patterns.
And this is a sum you’ll spend only once to do your patterns 🙂
You’ll have to buy the tracing paper only the next time.

 heart list tracing paper,

it’s a light paper (not tissue paper, nor crepe paper) and it has one side smooth and one rough

you will trace your patterns here, and you’ll place it on your fabric lately;

its price goes aroung 1 €, you can buy it at haberdashery or at a stationery shop

heart list a soft tailor tape,

with with you’ll take your measurements;

it costs less than 2 € and you can easily buy it at haberdashery, at supermarkets, and at household stores

heart list a mechanical pencil,

that’s much better than a normal pencil, because it always has a sharp point, and this will help you  to avoid loosing some millimeters when you trace your pattern

its price is  1 €

heart list a sheet or a small notebook,

to write your measurements;

it costs less than 1€, I like to buy pretty ones to surround me with cute things that inspires me positively

heart list a quilt ruler,

that’s a clear ruler with millimeters wrote on it it’s SUPER USEFUL both to be used as a normal ruler, and as a guide for drawing right angles and parallel lines thanks to its transparency: place the line of the ruler on the sewing line of the pattern, and voila, you have a perfectly parallel line to mark the margins (I use 1 cm, but you can use the measureyou prefer the best); I paid mine 12 €,  but I found it much cheaper from China if you can wait some time to receive it:

or you can use the triangle (set square), that are cheaper

heart list scissors,

to use for paper only, because during time they can loose their sharpeningm and ruin lighter fabrics; I bought a set of 3 at a local Brico shop and paid it 3 €

so, let’s calculate:

1 + 2 + 1+ 1+ 12 + 3

20 €

it’s the maximum amount you’ll pay only the first time 

and HOW TO DO them

will be free, I will write here everything I know about sewing 

and on Cri’s Let’s Sew YouTube channel

Please be kind to me, it’s my first video and I am quite shy 🙂

If you want to buy the full kit immediately I prepared some here at a slightly lower price of 15€ with a stitch remover (if you don’t know what it’s, please watch the next video)

* kit for making patterns + free stitch remover on ETSY *

If you have any question, please write to me or comment down below!
A hug.

your sewing friend (◠‿◠✿) 

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